Window Treatments

We are often asked, “What are the current trends in window treatments?”  Our answer is simplicity and minimalism with an emphasis on crisp clean lines.  Gone are the days of heavy draped effect using jabot and swags, tab curtains or balloon valances. We can show you many examples of the window treatments that are commonly used today.

Draperies and side panels:

Overall; draperies are getting wider and longer to make windows appear larger.  Often you will see this application used with banding or layered with woven wood shades or shutters.

Woven Wood Shades:

The trend to more eco-friendly materials has made their design more popular.  These shades are often made of sisal, reeds, bamboo or grasses.  Often we use these on windows as a Roman shade effect or on doors as an averte’. 

Cellular Shades:

These shades are the most versatile window treatments available today.  Often you will use this application if you want very little stack and want to take advantage of your view.  Options for these are corded, cordless, or bottom up or top down.  They can be hung by themselves for a more contemporary look or layered with other window treatments to provide insulation for your windows. 

Shades like these:

*can fit in tight corners

*can be used in inside or outside mount

*look great layered or can be used alone

*come in a range of colors and room darkening options

*come plain, pattern, or textured

Silhouette, Luminette and Pirouette by Hunter Douglas are all also commonly used when wanting to create harmony and light control in an area.  These shadings can be horizontal or vertical and they are made of vanes that float gracefully, to provide unobstructed views when open and complete privacy when closed.  They offer up to 88% ultraviolet light protection with the shades lowered in the open position and up to 99% when the vanes are closed. 

These shade are more than a window dressing, they are going to change the dynamics of a room.  Shaping the light as it enters, creating a mood, reflecting an attitude, personalizing your home with a luminous signature.

Roman Shades

Roman Shades:

Who can resist a great looking roman shade? These shades take less fabric than draperies and provide a clean crisp look.  Often you can use a dramatic pattern or use a plain fabric and band it like shown above.  Vertical or horizontal banding is very popular and adds beautiful detail and interest to a room.  Roman shades are commonly used in bathrooms, kitchens or dining areas.